Important information about waterproof coats!

Don’t get caught out…


Having a lovely long woollen coat in winter is brilliant. It keeps you warm and protects you from Jack Frost and his slightly inappropriate, darting fingers. But there’s another problem with British weather in winter. It rains. A lot. In the last week alone, we’ve had the equivalent of eight years of rain across the UK… according to my nan.

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Normally this wet stuff can be avoided by carrying an umbrella to stop you and your coat smelling like a soggy old hound, but venture out of the city, and countryside folk will throw baby goats and manure at you and your modern witchcraft rain deflector. So, what you need is a waterproof jacket. They’re great and do exactly what they say they will, by keeping you dry and allowing you to free up both hands for throwing sticks for your loyal and trusty labrador, wrestling farmers outside the pub at closing time, or stealing trout from the Laird of the Manor’s lochs.

These two are modern day classics (whatever the hell that means) of the waterproof variety.


Belstaff make amazing coats that lots of people on BBC’s Spooks wear. So they must be cool. You can run around pretending you’re a spy and avoid getting shot, blown up or deep fried like most of the cast, but always stay dry and toasty and keep you looking good.



Barbour, on the other hand, are famous for making green waxy jackets with more pockets than a Dickensian street thief. But they also make dead nice modern looking jackets like the one above. It’s black, has a union jack on it, and most importantly it’ll keep you dry. The local ladies and gents in the Bleeding Duck tucked away in Old Wooten Bastad won’t be able to resist your charms in this sturdy number.

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