Classic Raps: Das EFX

Das EFX, They Want EFX

As a nation the British public had a terrible feeling of emptiness in our collective souls throughout 2008, but just couldn’t work out why? Were we hungry? Were we the opposite of constipated? What? As it turns out, this gaping chasm was the desperate need for a new boyband. Thank God, then, for Simon Cowell, the English P Diddy, who gave us JLS – a wonderful boyband who didn’t win the X Factor. This was a carbon copy of events in the USA over ten years earlier, when dreadlocked rap duo Das EFX didn’t win a talent competition, but went on to quench everybody’s hip hop thirst. Their hit song They Want EFX was so popular that no one noticed they weren’t even rapping, just saying the word “iggedy” repeatedly throughout a nursery rhyme.

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One Response to Classic Raps: Das EFX

  1. handsomedaf says:

    I’m writing this from an internet cafe (remember those?) with no speakers. I have this record at home and I always imagined the video featuring Das EFX in their PJs playing Connect 4 and Twister, with a couple of hoes in a Matey filled bubble bath. How wrong was I! Instead, it’s pick-axes and fire explosions. How can they look so angry when they they’re saying stuff like “supercalafrajelisic tick tac toe”? It’s weird watching it with no sound. Is it the right song? Twinkle-twinkle-fucking-little-muthafucking-star y’all!

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