Happy Birthday Whoopi Goldberg, here’s some COMEDY!

Published: 13th Nov, 2009

Performer/Heckler, Part ONE

We love Whoopi Goldberg. Or at least, we loved Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. We weren’t so keen on the one where she was a free spirited nun. Still she’s 54 today, so we thought we’d get her a gift. We sat in a boardroom, going around a table, nervously waiting to have our present ideas sneered at by a man in an expensive suit, and after lots of trembling presentations, it boiled down to a toss up between a funny cushion that sounds like someone has passed wind, or a couple of clips from a TV show, in which comedians have to take turns being hecklers. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Whoopi Goldberg!

Part TWO

Josh Burt
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Josh has been a writer and journalist for the best part of twenty years and has written for modern staples like FHM and Cosmopolitan and The Daily Telegraph and The Sun. He has also written a small handful of so-so books that you can still buy.

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