Get Up Stand Up, November 6th HIGHLIGHTS

A high ranking Family Member played some “beats”…

Get Up Stand Up

Last Friday saw the third installment of Interestment Presents… Get Up Stand Up, the monthly comedy show that’s getting everyone a little bit hot under the collar, and strained in the belly area. It’s frenzied, laugh-a-second stuff. As ever, the run up to the show was a nervous one – would anyone bother turning up this time? Might the lure of big explosive fireworks trump jokes and music? Would it be totally wrong to wear a vest AND a t-shirt? And yet, within seconds, all of those worries vanished into the atmosphere like a burnt-out sparkler, as the pub filled up with beautiful people, and the world-weary Interestment DJ‘s put their inner turmoil to one side, and started digging out some magnificent old records. Upstairs, the room was packed to the brim as usual – but not in an uncomfortable way, oh no! – and the laughter could be clearly heard over the din of fireworks let off by angry street criminals lurking in alleyways outside. We win, Bonfire Night. We win.

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Comments after the show included: “If loving comedy is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” “I’m not joking now when I say that I’ve never enjoyed performing so much in my damn life”. And, “When’s the next one?” To answer the last question, it’s on DECEMBER 4TH. RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Enormous thanks to all of the comedians who made it such a fantastic night – Matt Parker, Tim Shishodia, Chris Norton Walker, Hannah Isherwood, Anthony Ayton, Kishore Nayar, Sarah Pearce, Jay Cowle, David Kelly. And a special BIG THANKS to our wonderful MC – Lllllllllloyd Griffith!

Here’s the highlights from the show, courtesy of Family Member, Richard…

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