Moon, DVD Review

Weird… but in a good way


Without wanting to sound too cynical about it, it’s fair to say that most cinema trips, or DVD rentals, are often followed by a hollow sense of disappointment. Not bitter disappointment, that would be over-egging things. Just a sense that what we’ve just seen didn’t quite match up to the movie experience we’d envisaged in our heads as we eagerly parted with a crisp financial note. Lord of The Rings, for example, was supposed to be excellent, but we just saw fancy dress cross country running. Ocean’s Thirteen was at least twelve sequels too far. The Incredible Hulk should have been called The Rubbish Hulk. So, these days, we expect nothing. It’s safer that way. Hence, we slid Moon into the DVD player, almost reluctantly. After all, the last decent sci-fi film that floated the communal Interestment onions happened about twenty years ago, and the Moon itself has never been particularly interesting – a sweeping opinion rather enforced by the fact that no one has even bothered revisiting the place in person since 1972. This, we decided, was going to be a long hour and a half. But guess what, sister? We were wrong! As it turns out, the Moon can serve as a magnificent backdrop to an intriguing story, and science fiction has just scored another Interestment hit. Without wanting to give too much away, the film tells the story of a lone worker toiling away in space, counting down the days before he can finally go home for the first time in three years. And then things start to get really weird. We won’t say any more, except that Sam Rockwell is now our favourite actor, Kevin Spacey manages to shine as the voice of a computer, and it manages to be haunting, funny, and moving, without ever seeming like more than a steady paced short story being told, with an intriguing beginning, an engrossing middle, and a completely satisfactory end. Just how a film should be. Were we to be the kind of people who give these things ratings, we’d give it full marks, minus one. And that’s just us being picky.

It’s available to buy next Monday. Here’s the trailer…

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  1. Danst says:

    I have to disagree, the moon is not boring. Just cast your mind back several million years and imagine what it would have been like to live amongst the inhabitants of planet Moon. Their silvery skin and nubile bodies glistening as they harvest precious Helium 3 from the treacherous moon-ore. A wise and great civilisation, only to be destroyed by ancient Indian warlocks. Their legacy and technology lost, now just a footnote in the science books…

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