Showbusiness: Danielle Bux, Mariah Carey, Lady GaGa

OMG, she grows hair! Actual hair!


Chase any celebrity down the road, then bundle them into a corner and ask them what the worst thing about being famous is, and pretty much all of them will agree that it’s the constant attention. The hassle from the public, the hoards of gum-chewing men with massive cameras hounding them wherever they go. Continue following them up the street, asking probing questions, and eventually they will lift the lid on the truth – they’re human, just like you. At that point, they might punch you in the face. But it would be worth it, if only for the insight. Not to mention the compensation. Anyway, one such celebrity showing signs of being just like the rest of us is Danielle Bux – the lucky recipient of Gary Lineker’s curious rampant hands, and soft, moist, almost sponge-like tongue. Just yesterday, the young model was spotted at a very swishy club opening, dressed in wonderful clothes, great make up, and beautiful shoes. Only she totally killed the vibe by showcasing at least eight sprouting pubes in each armpit. Needless to say, showbiz desks all around the country have been sent into a frenzy of dry puking and frantically pointing at the picture. One journalist in particular seems appalled by these hairy armpits.

In other extremely important celebrity updates, Mariah Carey¬†also showed her human side by stumbling over on a live TV show, and Lady GaGa was spotted wearing a sweet wrapper around her face. She’s bonkers.


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  1. Salma_Chowdhury says:

    You looks verry beautifull.

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