Showbusiness: Urgent Ant and Dec discovery, and more…

Poor Kelly, not so smiley when Ant and Dec are mentioned…

kelly brook

Bloody television, it’s a crazy box that masks a million secrets. We were duped for years into thinking that Frank Bough was just a kindly old gentleman in jumpers, before sordid tales of sexual freakery rose to the surface. We were equally dismayed when it turned out that Dirty Den from Eastenders wasn’t just a one-time killer who’d turned to soap operas to better himself – he also liked sucking his finger to turn people on in his spare time. And now, more gunk has risen to the top of the showbiz pond, in the form of a Kelly Brook revelation that when the cameras aren’t rolling, Ant and Dec are a pair of bastards. They hated her, she declares, so much so that they demanded that she be ousted from the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel before the nation had even had the chance to marvel at her sardonic wit, and pinpoint judgements. Funnily enough, a very high ranking Interestment Family member actually has first hand experience of the Newcastle twosome, as they were once sitting on the next table during a rather overly casual job interview in a posh London pub. They were a lucky charm that day, as the bid for employment proved successful. Anyway, showbusiness desks have been smoking hot all around the capital as a result of this intriguing media insight. Might they not be as lovely as they seem on telly?

In other magnificently important celebrity news, Jenson Button has been holidaying with his girlfriend (below), and Jamie from the X Factor is due another Simon Cowell rabbit punch after being spotted nipping out for a rule-breaking pint. Oh dear.


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