Happy Birthday Grace Slick, here’s Jefferson Airplane!

Jefferson Airplane, Mexico

It’s yet another one of those fantasy jacuzzi party days, with Maradona, The Fonz, Charles Atlas, Grace Slick, and Dostoevsky all set to spend the day wearing cone hats, blowing on mini-trumpets, then finally weeping, because they got over-excited and now they’re too tired for it to be Birthday any more. Anyway, we love them all, but thought we’d doff a cap to the sisterhood by focusing on Grace Slick, who’s going to be 70. And what a 70 years, with crazy antics, hits with her brilliant band Jefferson Airplane, which went on to morph into the appalling Starship in the 1980s. Still, we thought we’d get her a gift, so we discussed ideas at shouting volume on the tube, until it boiled down a toss up between some slippers, or a clip of Grace and her band singing a song about drugs and Richard Nixon, and Mexico. In the end we got her both. Happy Birthday Grace Slick!

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