Interestment’s Top Four: Jacket Potato Toppings

Potato: Not as boring as you think


You might have noticed an icy chill in the air over the last few days – that’s because it’s officially Autumn/Winter. We’re not quite at the stage yet where Summers will go on all year, mainly because some people seem to think that they’re too good to waste their evenings spraying cans of Right Guard at the Ozone Layer. Bloody hippies, with their hemp. Anyway, the point is that your lunch choices are going to reflect this annoying seasonal change, meaning salads and cold meats shall be replaced by heartier meals, like jacket potatoes, and toasted paninis. Some of you might even go as far as a pie. We, however, think that pies are more suited to evening meals, or motorways. No, our Autumn lunch option will forever be a warm jacket potato – but what to have with your spud? Below are the four greatest toppings, as selected by us…

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1. Chilli Con Carne and Cheese


The undoubted king of potato fillings, this has everything – the spice to warm your cockles, the meat to provide strength, the potato packed with vitamins, and the cheese to ensure some really weird dreams should you pass out at your desk in the afternoon. It also serves up the classic cheese conundrum – cheese first, or cheese on top? We tend to go for the first option, regardless of what story the above picture might be painting. A wonderful lunch.

2. Cheese and Coleslaw


Look at you, with your flat stomach and your muscles. Everyone thinks you’re hot. And so they should – you spend hours taking care of your body, staring blankly into the middle distance, whilst your arms repeat an up-and-down motion with some very realistic weights. It’s exactly that kind of exercise that enables you to type for three hours at a time without any numbness in your arms. You’re terrific, and terrific people deserve a healthy lunch – hence this, the vegetarian option. You’ve got the cheese, which is great for your triceps, the bits of cabbage and carrot in the coleslaw, which might as well be a protein shake, and the potato skins, which with make your calves more toned and curvaceous. Yes, it’s a healthy option… with mayo.

3. Cheese and Beans

JACKET Cheese and beans

The first two options are very much boys-only, but, if you happen to be a girl, you’ll love cheese and beans. The cheese, as you might have twigged, is very much a staple of a decent jacket, but it’s the beans that make it not just fun to look at, but also really exciting to eat. Left for long enough, and you’ll find that the cheese melts into the bean mixture, with creates a stark contrast in texture with the fluffy potato beneath. And with each bite, you’ll move from the silky sweetness of those beans, into the deep earthy flavour of that perfectly cooked spud. Then you can call all of your friends to tell them that you just had cheese and beans for lunch. Or just leave a status update on Facebook. Up to you.

4. Tuna and Sweetcorn


Another healthy option, here there is a glaringly obvious lack of cheese. Although, we probably should point out that cheese is still a possibility with this one. Don’t feel that you have to go without. We just prefer to go bareback when it comes to fish on potatoes. Plus, we like to add a bit of acidity – perhaps using vinegar? – which doesn’t tend to sit well with a rich, textured, very much grated, cheddar. Here, you can enjoy the meaty fish, but with the added sparkle of little round yellow things, called “sweetcorns” – they’re a vegetable, as is the potato, which means that you’ve already covered at least two of your five a day, and it’s only lunchtime. Get in!

2 Responses to Interestment’s Top Four: Jacket Potato Toppings

  1. oliver says:

    i almost wish i was hungover just so i could cure myself with a chili con carne and cheese jacket… the place near my old work would also put shitloads of butter in. MMMMMMMMM

  2. forty-forty five says:

    ooo – that’s making me want baked pototo as well.

    I think you have 1-3 pretty much spot on. Although you need a large dollop of Sour Cream or even Philly on your Chili. Tuna Sweetcorn is rancid – replace with Curry or Chicken Sweetcorn.

    Here’s a tip for baked spuds at home – Choose a large potato and bung in micro for 10 mins whilst oven is heating up. Smear with olive oil and then throw in oven for 30 Mins. Remove and cut in half longways. Score the fluffy white potato and smear a tonne of real butter on top plus salt and pepsie. Whack back in the oven. Serve ten mins later as per your preference above.


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