Happy Birthday Sir Cliff, here’s Cliff Richard and The Shadows!

Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Dynamite

Sir Cliff is 69 today. Don’t tell your nan, else she’ll spend the rest of the day faffing around baking him a cake. He doesn’t want her cake. Look at the man. He doesn’t eat cake. He plays tennis. He’s healthy. He’s unfairly become something of a national joke. And it really is rather unfair, because before he went all sexless and evangelical, Cliff Richard was probably the closest we’d ever come to a homegrown Elvis. Hence, we still like him, so we thought we’d get him a gift, and after three minutes of hilarious discussion it boiled down to a toss up between four candles (or fork handles), or a record to prove that Cliff really was credible at one stage during his career. The above track is from 1959. Happy Birthday Sir Clifford!

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