Anything you’d like to ask Elijah Wood? Now’s your chance…

Eg: Do you have any bad hobbits?


Friends of the site, site regulars, first time visitors, the big news is that we’ve been offered to chance to interview Elijah Wood – the little chap who was Frodo in those wonderful Lord of The Rings films. Or, to rephrase that sentence, we’ve been offered the chance to ask Elijah Wood ONE SINGLE QUESTION as part of a bigger interview, made up of fans, keen bloggers, and, well, us. It’s going to be amazing. And obviously, we would like for the Interestment question to stand out and dazzle, like a burning orc sprinting through a wasteland, pursued by those screaming horses. We want to hit him with a corker.

But what should we ask the little actor? Let us know with a comment…

57 Responses to Anything you’d like to ask Elijah Wood? Now’s your chance…

  1. Rebekah says:

    Hey, your sexy hot like an orange!!

  2. Alena says:

    Hi Elijah!

    You’re really great actor!

    Is there a part you would never play?

    You want to be a director, don’t you? So, would you like to direct and act for the same film?

    And one more question. Will the albums of The Apples in Stereo (and any other bands) be sold in Russia? (just I DO want to listen to them…)

    that’s all for now :))

  3. Jessica says:

    What was the one most influencial moment in your life?

  4. Danst says:

    “When you started out, did people ever say that your acting was ‘wooden’?”

    “Have you ever been offered the role of Pinocchio?”

    “Got wood?”

  5. fiza khan says:

    Will you ever come to Pakistan… what should pakistani’s do 2 see you?… I can’t cum to ur place

  6. fiza khan says:

    I hope 2 get sum response frm u Elijah Jordan ,,, dere are so many fans of urs I wont count myself in dose… I dunno what Should I write in here.. hope 2 c ur reply in my mail box !

  7. Hello dear Elijah ..i guess you have read this many times ..that you are a very sweet person and a great actor … we live in mexico city right now but would you like to come and visit us ?…. ohhhh please at least before we die of thinking about you … … please …

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