Anything you’d like to ask Elijah Wood? Now’s your chance…

Eg: Do you have any bad hobbits?


Friends of the site, site regulars, first time visitors, the big news is that we’ve been offered to chance to interview Elijah Wood – the little chap who was Frodo in those wonderful Lord of The Rings films. Or, to rephrase that sentence, we’ve been offered the chance to ask Elijah Wood ONE SINGLE QUESTION as part of a bigger interview, made up of fans, keen bloggers, and, well, us. It’s going to be amazing. And obviously, we would like for the Interestment question to stand out and dazzle, like a burning orc sprinting through a wasteland, pursued by those screaming horses. We want to hit him with a corker.

But what should we ask the little actor? Let us know with a comment…

57 Responses to Anything you’d like to ask Elijah Wood? Now’s your chance…

  1. mustard says:

    Hi Elijah, LOVE your work. When making love to your woman (or man), do you ever spice things up, by pretending that you’re a hobbit, and they’re an elf or ork or whatever?

  2. Patrick says:

    Elijah, would you like to be involved in another animation project in the future?

  3. Olly says:

    Got any bad hobbits?

  4. josh says:

    erm, yeah, not quite there yet chaps, but do keep going. Olly, I take it you didn’t read the copy above the picture?

  5. debs says:

    1. Weirdest mis-pronunciation of your name. Ever.

    2. If you were Britney Spears for the day, what would you like to do her name and, therefore, get away with?

    3. what’s the crappest birthday present you have ever recieved and who gave it to you?

    4. What lie are you most proud of?

    5. Describe your dream funeral.

  6. josh says:

    see, now we’re cookin! Any more for any more?

    So far I like the “proud lie” one best…

  7. Neil says:

    Just ask him if you can see his ring.

  8. Olly says:

    Okay, okay…I did skip that bit. Apologies.

    So, how about:

    1 – what does Liv Tyler smell of?
    2 – if you could be a dinosaur, which one would you be?
    3 – who is the Lord of your ring?
    4 – Apparently you were in Back to the future part II as ‘Video Game Boy’. I don’t remember this so please prove it? And are you taller or shorter than Michael J Fox?
    5 – Your character in Sin City scared me. A lot. Seriously. Please don’t do it again. Not a question I know, but just a good bit of advice.
    6 – You have a younger sister called Hannah Wood. Would?

  9. mustard says:

    Where do you stand on the postal strike? Are you waiting for any parcels/letters? Do you side with the workers, the consumers or the management? When was the last time you posted a letter? What was it? What’s your favourite colour? What was the low point of your career? Was it green street? Do you like marmite? What’s your first memory? If I invited you to a picnic, what would you bring? What size shoe are you (UK)? Have you ever had a stalker? If you could have special powers, what would they be? What’s your favourite food?

  10. HannahB says:

    where do bad people go when they die?

  11. Deenan says:

    First, my question to you. How did you land this honor? Congrats on getting the “interview.” I wish I were as lucky.

    Now for Elijah…

    1. We know you’ve traveled to many places, mainly for work, but what would be your dream getaway vacation, how long would you stay and what would you do?

    2. You obviously adore children, so how many Elijahs or Elijahettes would you like to have of your own?

    3. You’ve said on occasion that you’re at the mercy of what scripts come your way. Would you write a script for yourself and what genre would it be?

    4. Have you ever knowingly or un-knowninly stolen anything?

    5. What career path would you have followed if you never left Iowa?

  12. pauline says:

    Hi Elijah,

    I’m really looking forward to the UK release of ‘9’ and to meeting you at London MCM Expo on 24 Oct. This is my question:
    If you could choose which country to make your next film in, where would it be?

  13. pamela f says:

    The Faculty, 9, Deep Impact, Happy Feet, Lord of the Rings. All recent films in which your character “saves the world.” Every worry about becoming typecast?

  14. Meg says:

    If you could see one musician live that you haven’t seen , past or present, who would it be?

  15. Lady Line says:

    Hi Elijah^^

    I have a strange question but your answer can be quite interesting:

    Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, have you ever witnessed some paranormal experience?

  16. HannahWoman says:

    “Hello Darling” (he’s an actor remember, so say it),

    “Thank you SO…” (emphasise the “so”, it makes them feel humble) “much for taking time to see me, Joshua Burt ” (always try to get your name in there so he stands some chance of remembering…..actually he won’t remember you – no offence – so leave that bit out).

    Now you need to compliment him – physically. Tell him that his eyes contrast nicely with his shirt, or his hair blowing in the breeze reminds you of the surf in Australia, or his smile makes you feel stable and content? Not sure about that one actually. Just flatter him and make him feel sexy. You’ll know what to do….

    Then ask him a question, preferably about his sister Hannah. How weird, we both share the same name! (Bring it back to me as much as you can.) Thanks Interestment.

  17. Rich says:

    Back in the crazy days of University I earned the nickname ‘Frodo’, on account of my (slight) physical resemblance to Mr. Wood.

    I wonder, did Elijah ever get referred to as ‘Rich’?

    Having seen the Ashton Kutcher masterpiece ‘The Butterfly Effect’, I can only assume this to be the case – despite its only vague relevance.

    Ooh, also, does Elijah ever clutch at straws?

    Again, probably.


  18. Carol says:

    If John Lennon was alive, what would you ask him?

    You can only take five things to a desert island and no technology – what do you take?

    If you could be any character in Star Wars, who would it be?

    What was the last thing that really made you laugh?

    What is your ultimate feel-good album?

    Which actor or director do you have a strong wish to work with?

    If you could have any band in the world on your label, who would it be?

    What’s more exciting, a film set or a recording studio?

    What are your favourite TV shows?

    Do you prefer playing heroes or villains?

    What is your deadliest sin?

    You have three wishes but they can only be for yourself – what are they?

    Do you play the guitar and what kind of music do you play, your own songs or other peoples?

    Are you bummed that they banned clove cigarettes and what are you smoking now?

    What’s the drunkest you’ve ever been and what did your friends tell you about it later?

    If you had a Flash Forward about your life, what would you want to see?

  19. Terri says:

    What sound or noise do you love/ hate?

  20. Plutonic says:

    You’ve died and gone to Heaven. Which 5 people would you like to share your cloud with and why?

  21. Bill says:

    Where do you get your hair cut?

  22. Morloth says:

    I always wanted to know what his parents and siblings works as… I mean having one so talented actor in the family must be hard to compete with, sibling wise that is. Maybe parents choise of work infuenced him or something.
    Also I kind of wonder if he (maybe in his teens) ever regretted beeing a actor.
    I’ve kind of wonderd about that., so that would be what I would ask him if I could…

  23. Jen says:

    Hey, Elijah. I am a huge fan. Your so great at acting! 😀 Your my favorite all time actor. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard this all before. LOL.

    So, I have a question for you.

    Whats agent do you have right now? Is it still Nicole? I just need to know because I contacted her to invite you to a event and she never wrote back and now the event has already passed.

    Thanks, Elijah. 🙂 Keep on being who you are and do what you do best and you’ll be fine. 🙂


    One of your fans <3

  24. Isabel says:

    Hi Elijah, I admire your work and share your love of music.
    and my question is:
    when you think about your life in 10 years, What is the biggest change you see, with the life you have now?

  25. Chelsey says:

    If you could re-live any day, what day would that be?
    If you could re-do your life, would you do it?

  26. Nicole says:

    How do you protect your privacy so well, yet manage to appear so open?

  27. Kleio says:


    Ever done bondage?

  28. Lu says:

    Which is your biggest dream today?

    Much love!

  29. Rebekah says:


    How do you feel about the big budget films that make a large quantity of money but have no appealing touch to them? Or in other words are not that good. But the small budget films, making less money are much better and more intellectual. Also, if they ever made a movie based off of the video game, Zelda, would you try and get the role of Link? Because you would be perfect!

  30. Kate says:

    Hi Elijah! I absolutely LOVE your work, I think you are brilliant.
    I have a few questions for you.

    1. What is the funniest/weirdest question you have ever been asked?
    2. Are there any instruments you want to learn?
    3. If you were to choose anything besides acting, what would you choose?
    4. Will you be coming to South Carolina anytime soon? =)

    Thanks so much for your time!!!!

  31. Kate says:

    Oh yeah! I forgot!
    Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

  32. M. Watkins says:

    Elijah, as I know you love children, what are your views on abortion?

  33. jessica says:

    Have you put any thought into returning to Iowa, and rekindling your relationship with your father? He misses you very much.

  34. María Georgia Guanilo Velaochaga says:

    -Hola Elijah Wood tu eres mi actor favorito ,siempre quise preguntarte y espero que me conteste y te deseo mucha suerte en todo y espero tu respuesta con mucha alegría. Soy María Georgia Guanilo Velaochaga de Lima-Perú.Una amiga para tí desde Perú.

    1.-¿Cuál ha sido tu peor experiencia con lo paranormal y si alguna vez has visto un fantasma ?
    2.-¿Cómo sería la chica de tus sueños y que tiene que tener ella de especial para que toque tu corazón (la chica perfecta para tí)?
    3.-¿Si alguna vez una fan te invitara a viajar a Perú y te dijera que ella sería tu guía para que veas y camines por la ciudad de Lima y la ciudad Inperial de los Inkas-Cusco, tu aceptas la invitación y que plato típico peruano te gustaría comer primero ?-Si aceptas esta invitación estas invitado de verdad a lima-peru por mi y no es broma.Si quieres venir a perú algun día contactame a mi email [email protected] Yo doy gracias a Dios por haber hecho que llegaras a este mundo como un ángel porque para mí tu eres un angel y un chico muy bueno el mejor…my number cellular is 986422592 .
    4.-¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de la naturaleza y cómo ayudarías para detener el calentamiento global?
    5.-¿ Cuál es tu mayor sueño como persona?
    6.-Si algún día se te presenta la oportunidad de cambiar algo en tu vida pasada ¿qué cambiarías?
    7.- ¿Qué sientes cuando estas en los premios oscars y que te motiva para ponerle tu voz a una pelicula animada?

  35. Jessica says:

    I have 3 questions for you. 1 are you psychic ? if not, do you believe in such things? 2 are you and Pam planning on getting married in the future? 3 I know a lot of fans would like to see you star in some sort of fantasy film again. Would you consider going back to that genre of film?

  36. Joe Wilkinson says:

    Hello Elijah

    Do you know of a better anagram of you name than ‘Woolie Hadj’?

    Kind regards


  37. Sarah Walker says:

    Oh my god.
    It’s an honor to be able to talk to you on the internet xD
    Do you like the bands “The killers” and “the cranberries”?
    I’m a huge fan of music as well.
    I just wanted to let you know that you are a very sweet, charming guy.
    and I just hope you hang in there.

  38. Sarah Walker says:

    I have no idea if I double posted or not.
    I’m sorry if i did xD do you like the bands “The killers” and “the cranberries”?
    once again, your awesome <3
    also, my favorite films of you when you were a kid were "radio flyer,"Paradise", and "The war."

  39. katie says:

    is it difficult to be a celebrity, to be a normal person on the inside but not be treated that way? is it hard to be able to blend in in a crowd?

  40. Spencer says:


    What would win in a fight,

    – A monkey with a knife
    – 500 rats

    Thank you,


  41. Krystal Tomlin says:


    To be honest, I am so nervous right now I don’t really know what to ask!

    Just wanted to say I loved your work as Frodo in “The Lord of the Rings”. You were the best incarnation ever and nothing can EVER change that!

    To the question….

    Do you still keep in touch with your LOTR co-stars? And if so, how?

  42. Lovey says:

    Do you think being in the unique position of a successful actor and the especially unique position of having been a child actor, has overridden the influence birth order has had on you and your siblings?

  43. sergey says:

    Elijah,would you like to try yourself as a director?

  44. KevIn says:

    If Gozer The Gozerian asked you to choose the form of your destructor, what would it be?

  45. Jae Lee LaFrennie says:

    What was the most provocative Valentine’s candy you ever recieved? Did you eat it?

  46. Jae Lee LaFrennie says:

    If you ever settle down, which country would you choose?

  47. Jae Lee LaFrennie says:

    This is the third time doing this, I’m running out of questions. Would you like to play Ghost? I work at a clay studio in Santa Monica and offer you lessons on the wheel, my treat.

  48. Sarah Walker says:

    I have another question.
    What do you think of natalie portman?
    I believe she was in the film paris, je taime
    you two didn’t work together.
    But…I gotta say, she is a VERY unique person.
    You two were both child stars and you are both the same age.
    she also chooses a lot of unique film roles.
    Don’t know.
    you and her seem very similar.
    Once again, it’s a pleasure if you reply to me.

  49. claudya says:

    Hi Elijah!Would you like to visit Romania?Kiss!Bye!

  50. madeline says:

    dear Elijah,

    When we see you on the screen it seems as though you are able to become fully in touch with, and inhabit, the character that you are playing. You manage to portray these characters in a way that is often so moving, and your versatility of expression is amazing. What people or techniques inspire and inform your acting? And do you feel you may be moving towards a second profession (ie. focusing more on your record label, or on direction and production, or something completely different) in the future or will you continue to act?

    sincerely, Madeline

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