Interestment’s Top Ten Funk Tracks

Play these records, expect THIS to happen…


Here in the vast Interestment offices, we’re big fans of funk music, and have been for many many years now. In fact, there was a point when at least two of members of the Interestment Family used to ply their wares during evenings and weekends playing records in bars and nightclubs, where demanding drunkards would take to the floor and show the world that they could DANCE. Dance real pretty. It wasn’t long before we figured out that funk music was perfect dancefloor music – much more so than disco, house, rock, or any other genre you care to mention. Even the stiffest bodies could be seen to unravel if the beats were right, and from our experience, the following ten tracks might just be the greatest dancefloor records ever made. Enjoy…

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1. The Vibrettes, Humpty Dump

2. Eddie Bo, Hook and Sling

3. Brooklyn People, Peace and Love

4. The Mohawks, The Champ

5. Ripple, A Funky Song

6. Larry Young’s Fuel, Turn Off The Lights

7. Hank Ballard, From the Love Side

8. The Explosions, Hip Drop

9. James Brown, Can I Get Some Help

10. Ann Alford, Got To Get Me a Job

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