RIP Stephen Gately, here’s Boyzone!

Boyzone’s First TV Appearance

We can’t claim to be huge Boyzone fans. In fact, beyond the Cat Stevens atrocity, we can’t even pinpoint exactly what any of their songs were about. For the most part, it seemed to be a case of Ronan Keating growling something, while the two thugs bookending proceedings thumped their fists threateningly, to ensure that no one stopped screaming approval. A great band they are/were not. Yet, flanked by numerous thorns was a cheerful looking chap called Stephen Gately, who died in his sleep over the weekend – he was only 33. And it’s never nice to read about someone so young bidding a premature farewell to this mortal coil, so we thought we’d get him a gift. After much sombre discussion, and a few gestures involving pouring alcoholic drinks straight from the bottle onto the ground, it boiled down to a toss up between a few kind words, or a clip of the moment where it all began for Stephen and his band. In the end we decided on both, so farewell Mr Gately, you shall surely be missed by many. Rest in peace.

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