Showbusiness: Important celebrity dress update

Someone didn’t look vile in a dress…


There was a report in the paper a week or so ago saying that one day soon, we’re all going to live forever. In honesty, that was the gist of the headline – three words into the actual piece they said something about “molecules” or “science”, and that was it, we completely switched off. Zonked out. It was like being back at school. Frankly, there’s no place for chemistry, or biology, or a mixture of the two (biolistry?) in the daily news. We should be reading about bombs, drugs, boob jobs. The important stuff. Not whether we’re going to draw the short straw and be forced to spend eternity enduring small talk with the same man in the local shop, or making tired, uninspired love to our wife of 373 years. Never grow old? Ridiculous… or is it?

The celebrity world has been home to a series of shocking Benjamin Button type tales of people getting younger with time – probably destined to either die as a baby, or live happily until the end of time. One such example being Carol Vorderman, who is now 48, but looks younger than she did when she wowed everyone with her throbbing scientific brain all those years ago when Countdown began. Extremely important celebrity journalists were rendered particularly silent and awe-struck when pictures landed on their desks of Carol wearing a skimpy Victoria Beckham number, which didn’t reveal the sagging, lonely body of a normal woman, but the vibrant, sensual curves of a saucy latina. One reporter in particular has pointed at her bum and made a kindly Jennifer Lopez-related comment. 

Another showbusiness favourite winning the constant battle with the aging process is Geri Halliwell – the girl who used to shout tunelessly during the chorus at Spice Girls concerts. She was spotted wearing a frock which she wore a massive seven years ago, and yet it still fits like a glove! Albeit a rather stretched out glove that can’t quite hold your boobs in like it used to. And Kate Moss put on a leather number, and totally blew everyone’s minds…


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