Happy Birthday Simon Cowell, here’s Sale of The Century!

Simon Cowell on Sale of The Century

Simon Cowell turns 50 today, but he won’t be going too wild. We know that because he’s already had his birthday party. Oh, and what a party. His X Factor pals were there. Jordan was there. They all ate fish fingers. It sounded wonderful. Hence we thought we’d get him a gift, so we chased a chicken through Sainsburys, and discussed ideas in between crashing into towers of baked bean cans, and clumsily stumbling over old women’s trolleys, and it wasn’t long before it boiled down to a toss up between a white t-shirt, or a clip from back in the murky waters of his early television career. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Cowell!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Simon Cowell, here’s Sale of The Century!

  1. Secret celeb spy says:

    From my secret insider at Simon’s big birthday bash this weekend:

    Cole was on the same table as Cowell, but Walsh wasn’t. Diss.

    Ozzy Osbourne was literally under a table at one point (he may have dropped his fork).

    The HOFF enjoyed a large glass of vodka.

    One of those blokes from Dragon’s Den smokes when he’s pissed.

    Naomi Campbell didn’t physically threaten the waiting staff.

    The entertainment was sexually bizarre but kind of amazing once you got over the weirdness.

    Simon Cowell is a very nice polite gentleman in person.

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