Ace new comedy show alert!

Eastbound & Down


Look at you, with your job, your money. You’ve probably got one of those nifty Sky+ things at home. But, the big question is: are you using it correctly? A hunch suggests that you’ve probably got Peep Show set to record every week, then Never Mind the Buzzcocks – last week featuring James Cordon on high-pitched-laughing-and-clapping duty – and perhaps Jools Holland/X Factor, just to prove that you don’t just like music, you care about music. You might even have the sequel to Match of The Day, Match of The Day 2. Well done. But have you seen Eastbound & Down yet? It’s only one show in, but we’ve already decided to pin the Interestment colours on it, by declaring it our new favourite sitcom. It’s the brainchild of Will Ferrell and a few of his honchos, and follows a retired baseball player (Danny McBride) through the trials and tribulations of life away from the white hot glare of the spotlight. With hilarious results etc… In some ways, it’s a bit like My Name is Earl, only funny. Plus, while we’re in the mood to grease our own egos, we must point out that we first alerted site readers to the show back in the sunny days of June 2009 – along with the wonderful In Treatment that started this week. So, first job when you get home: pop the kettle on and quickly sort out your Sky Planner. There is much to be enthusiastic about on television. Here’s a clip from the show, featuring naughty swear words…

2 Responses to Ace new comedy show alert!

  1. Forty Forty Five says:

    Thanks for the tip Interestment. Which channel and when? Or is it part of the fun to be pressing ‘green’ to page down for 2 hours to find it?

  2. josh says:

    Good question Forty Forty Five. Try FX, 10pm, Thursdays…

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