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Desert boots

As usual, we’ve been doing everything we can to pick up fashion tips. We’ve sat alone in ironically downtrodden boozers, trousers rolled up, outlandish tattoos drawn onto our arms in biro, desperately trying to listen in on other people’s conversations, hoping for tips. We’ve been to parties where models are somehow considered to be DJ’s, because they put their iPods on shuffle, then mix together an astonishing melting pot of artists, like when Blondie suddenly came on after La Roux, or the time S’Express was followed by The Ronettes. Seriously, it was pretty wild, and basically, we learnt nothing. So thank sweet baby Moses for Hannah B, our big fashion brain, who tipped us off to exactly what we should be placing on our feet over the cold winter months. “Lots of people – guys and girls – will be wearing biker boots in the coming weeks and months,” she told us over a pint of the fizzy stuff, “plus, desert boots are having a second blast in the sunshine.” Desert Boots? Brilliant. Regulars of the site will know that we recently voted desert boots our third favourite shoe of all time. This is great news, mainly because it looks like we’ve been unwittingly fashionable all along. Great news.

You heard it here first, friends. Now go. Shop!

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