Child sells granny for a laugh…

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Old lady

For many, the phrase, “I’d sell my grandmother for… “ is merely a throw-away comment used to indicate a certain level of desperation/desire. But for those entrepreneurs who actually have attempted to sell their own grandsire for cash, it’s pretty difficult finding a buyer, let alone when the buyer’s German and you have to spend a fortune on postage. And that’s even before the nightmare of coaxing granny into a cardboard box by placing a rich tea biscuit and a crossword compilation on top of a blanket as bait… Anyway, an enthusiastic high-five, therefore, to the plucky ten year old Zoe Pemberton from Clacton, who despite these obstacles went ahead and stuck her nanna on eBay. Marion Goodall (Mrs), 61, received 27 bids until she was withdrawn by humanitarian eBay workers. Which still leaves us with the problem of postage and packaging. But then, perhaps an eleven year old in Becks Hill will have sorted that for us by weeks end.

Bloody kids.

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