Interestment’s Top Four: Dirty Van Cliches

Heh heh, you GUYS!

Dirty Van

It’s basically Autumn in the UK everybody! Which as we all know, brings with it that inspirational combination of road dust, rain and bored fingers. Result? Comedians sidling up to filthy parked vehicles and unleashing hilarity on the world. Read on – but have spare pants ready…

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1. Also in White

Because it’s covered in dirt you see? It used to be white but now it’s covered with dirt. So now it’s grey!

2. I wish my wife was this filthy

And doubtless, this wag’s wife goes round writing on wheelchairs, “I wish my husband was this funny.”

3. Clean me

Possibly the king of Van-dirt legends. And ironically, a plea that should be honoured, because then these people would be forced to stop.

4. Anti-Glare Paint

Oh! My sides!

2 Responses to Interestment’s Top Four: Dirty Van Cliches

  1. mustard says:

    what about the classic “cock and balls”?

  2. debs says:

    true. Graded on anatomical exactness. I have seen some that are actually more educational than many scientific drawings

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