Second hand bargain: A Teasmade

Tells time, and makes tea…


For businessmen it’s always been about the perks. These guys don’t crunch numbers and power-lunch for fun. Hence, back in the day, before this sour economic climate smeared bittersweet sugar on open, weeping mouth ulcers, the businessman’s day was bookended with treats. There would be a nice cup of tea, and a brace of poached eggs waiting on the table in the morning, and after work, the drugs were always free. Hence why, if you listen very closely, you can still hear the faint hum of sobbing coming from skips and wheelie-bins, and around the assortment of shop doorways where these once-high-flyers now spend their Sunday morning lie-ins. These are cruel times, friends. These men have been forced to steal for their habits. Which is why we go bananas with joy whenever we feel the warm, gentle breeze of a wonderful bargain. Just this week, former city boy, and vague acquaintance of the site Kenneth made a fantastic discovery in his local Feed The Pandas – or some such. “They were selling a teasmade!” he yelped, feasting on a breakfast Ginsters. “A teasmade!” That’s right, a teasmade. For those too young to realise, these were once the iPhone of their generation. It was an alarm clock that made you tea. Actual tea in a cup. You’d wake up, lean over your naked, contented partner, and a hot cup would be sitting there waiting for you. Genius. So come on Kenny, don’t keep us in suspenders. How much for this wonderful robot wife? “A fiver!”

Astonishing sticking-it-to-the-recession!

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  1. clare jacks says:

    Hello looks great how much?

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