New A-Team line up REVEALED!

Find out what these tough guys look like now…

The A Team

We’ve all pictured ourselves in the A-Team at one time or another. In fact, so defined are the character traits of each member, that most groups of friends have something of the A-Team about them anyway. There’s the level headed leader, Hannibal, the sexy one who always seems to get laid, Face, the one who loves milk, adores fights, but hates flying, B.A, then there’s the one with post-traumatic stress disorder after shooting people up in ‘Nam, who ended up as a fruitcake in an institution, Murdock. You might as well be describing any young group of friends. Plus, not forgetting the sexy girl that keeps hanging around, who will surely end up sweating beneath Face-Man‘s oily torso, but not before giving Hannibal and B.A a bout of the horny-joes, and probably driving Murdock into a psychotic frenzy of self-love. Yep, just another day, another merry band of mercenaries. Who, by the way, are about to be flung back together for a full scale action movie, under the direction of Joe Carnahan, who made Smokin’ Aces. This time around, the line up will include: Liam Neeson reprising his Oskar Schindler role, only under the guise of Hannibal Smith. Bradley Cooper from The Hangover is playing Face. A relatively unknown actor called Sharlto Copley will be doing an impression of a total nutcase, as Howling Mad Murdock. There’s a wrestler out there called Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, currently wandering around LA shouting “I pity the fool” at inopportune moments – he’s B.A. And the beautiful actress Jessica Biel – her who receives Timberlake’s cat-like kisses on a regular basis – will be playing Amy, the sex kitten. Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, that one.

And, lucky for us, we’ve gotten hold of a copy of the FIRST CAST PHOTO. Enjoy…

New A Teams

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