Hands up who wants to know what a MovieWedge is…

CLUE: it’s not an underpants condition caused by long films…


In a week that already blew our minds with the Philips CushionSpeaker, we’re now faced with something just as mind-bendingly ergonomicalistic, only smaller.

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So, you got yourself an iPhone/iPod/Sony PSP/Zune HD and have illegally downloaded several films to watch on your gap year trip to Bangalore, Phuket, Melbourne, Aukland, back over to Sydney and a brief but expensive stopover at LAX? Well done. Now you’re on the first of many 37 hour flights in your exciting ball-growing adventure, but suddenly, three quarters of the way through High School Musical, your arm starts to get tired. You try to ignore it, but even the touching beauty of Zac Efron’s face can’t distract you from the pain surging through your limp arms, after almost an hour of holding that sexy 3.2-inch display in front of you – you’re a student, you don’t work out. It’s so, so heavy. As expected, your arm finally fails you, and panic sets in, as you lurch around desperately trying to plug the headphones that Aeroflot gave you into your seat, so that you can watch the Chinese version of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, because you can’t figure out how the on-board entertainment system works. For the remaining 36.2 hours of your flight,  Jonathan Ke Quan (playing Indy) fittingly berates his young western sidekick over and over again, and you shed a single tear for your failed Zac Efron-athon.

Now, don’t beat yourself up, because we’ve ALL been there, and the great news is that this need NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, because of a little gizmo called the MovieWedge. It’s a genius little gadget accessory that’s basically a beanbag. That’s right, a bloody beanbag. It allows you to position your device of choice on your knee, your lap, on your shoulder, on your side table, freeing you up to be gorgeously lulled to sleep by the sound of David Attenborough’s sweet whispering voice documenting the difficulty of conservation in areas providing habitation for ocelots and yellow-bellied sapsuckers. Or, indeed, a Zac Efron turn, should you be a sucker for his brand of method acting.

I will certainly be purchasing one if I can’t get a free one by writing this article. Ahem…

The MovieWedge is available from www.moviewedge.com for US$9.95 (approx £6).

3 Responses to Hands up who wants to know what a MovieWedge is…

  1. Olly says:

    Genius….but isn’t that just a small $10 beanbag.

    So, why not get an old sock, fill it full of….go on guess….yup, beans. Sew it up at one end.
    Ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Movie BeanSock (patent pending) which you can make for nothing. Zero. Free.
    Maybe iSock would be better.
    Or Beany-Film.
    Or Socky-Horror Picture Show.

    Sorry, too much caffeine today.

  2. phil says:

    Not baked beans though, right?

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