10 Brilliant Youtube Dancing Videos

That’s right, people dancing (not with cats)


Nothing quite lifts the soul like the sight of watching strangers dancing. In many cases these people are so wrapped up in their own personal performance that they really do appear to be “dancing like no one is watching”, which seems somehow ironic, being that not only are people actually staring, but they’ve also taken the trouble to film the whole debacle. Excellent friend and relative of the site, Matthew S, has been trawling through the popular film-it-yourself site Youtube, and he came up with these beauties. Some old, some new, some homemade, some professional. Enjoy…

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1. Pissed-Up Breakdancing

2. Old Lady Street Dancing

3. Amazing First Dance

4. Dancing in Secret

5. Astonishing Boddypopper

6. Dancing at Nan’s House

7. Disco Diva

8. James Brown Dance Class

9. The Great Gene Kelly

10. Tom Cruise Humiliation Dance

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