Urgent news about your Mac

OS X 10.4 crowned best Macintosh operating system

Mac Tiger

Big brainy computer eggheads simply love using wild beasts to symbolize their products, so using independent research methods, Interestment learned the truth about the most excellent operating system in the world of Apple computers, Macintosh OS X, by asking Nick, our big cats expert, “out of a Cheetah, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and a Snow Leopard, which one would win in a fight?”

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Nick’s answer: “Tiger – no hesitation”.

So there you have it, start downgrading your MaccyBook-Books and Immac Pros back to 10.4 before the hipsters-in-the-know start to laugh at your 64-bit operating system, refined dock and starry desktop wallpaper on your next daytime, wi-fi thieving, roll-your-own-ciggies visit to the Art Café in Dalston.

You’re welcome.

4 Responses to Urgent news about your Mac

  1. Olly says:

    Geeks get the best names for quite dull stuff…Dreamweaver, Firefox, Flash and….errr….Word.

    The next OS X name should be Polar Bear or Kiler Whale or Hippo. I reckon he’d kick all those kitty-cat asses.

  2. alan says:

    Snow Leopard is by far the best. It’s got a small footprint and is incredibly quick in comparison to previous “cats”. A word of advice with any operating system – make sure you install from scratch. Yes, I mean wipe your hard drive and perform a clean installation by also going into the custom options and unchecking all the rubbish you don’t need and will never use i.e. different languages, printer drivers etc

    Oh yeah, remember to completely back up your Mac before doing a clean install.

  3. Spencer says:

    Thank you Alan for the information about clean installs. I will find it very useful when I upgrade to TfL / London economy meltdown Leopard in the next few weeks.

    Olly, as for Polar Bear, I uncovered yesterday during my in-depth research and analysis that the public beta for OS X was called Kodiak, as in “look out behind you, there’s a big f*cking kodiak bear! RUN! WE’RE DOOMED! THROW MEAT!”. So yes, there was, for a short time, the possibility that 10.6 could have been called Polar Bear. Vicious.

  4. alan says:

    Spence – yeah, you do get a big old build up of redundant files over time and it really helps doing a clean install – I tend to do one every 6 months or so… The main thing to remember is all of your passwords and stuff like that. I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this if they don’t really know their way around a Mac as you have to copy certain files such as preferences, application support folders and such like.

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