Important Autumn/Winter fashion update!

And news about this cheerful lady…


It’s always a complete pleasure to hear from a member of the ever-growing Interestment family, and today it’s the turn of Olly – our cloth expert. He had this to say about fashion and that…

We’re but a few weeks away from London Fancy Dress Week, which this year is moving venues from the Natural History Museum to Somerset House. There we’ll be told exactly what we’ll be wearing next Spring/Summer 2010. In the meantime, what the devil are you supposed to wear this Autumn/Winter to keep you warm as you struggle with fuel bills, homelessness and financial depression?

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According to various sources, ladies up and down the land will be wearing lots of biker-ish leather, enormous shoulder pads, big hair, massive coats, thigh high boots, lots of houndstooth and anything that wouldn’t look out of place in the greatest 1980s drama serial of them all, Dynasty. There, now put that in your Gucci pipe and smoke it.

But if you don’t fancy shopping and would rather hide in a dark cinema, why not get a glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of the most important woman in fashion since Edna the Cavewoman donned a rather natty sabertooth tiger skin to hide her pubes, and check out The September Issue released on 11th September – it’s a movie all about a very scared camera crew following Vogue editor Anna Wintour (pictured) around to see how her little magazine is put together.

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