Important Grunge-based fashion information!

Can anyone else smell teen spirit?

Love and Kurt

As always, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the goings on in the fashion world. We usually do this by hanging around in fashionably shoddy pubs, our fringes hanging limply over our eyes, whilst our ears frenziedly flap, desperately hoping to obtain decent up-to-date information about which trousers we should be wearing if we want to be taken seriously as innovators. So, it was with a massive sigh of relief mixed with a high pitched squeal of delight that we heard from good friend of the site and throbbing fashion brain Hannah. “Grunge is back – check shirts, ripped leggings, shaggy knitwear – Kate Moss’s 11th collection for Topshop features it heavily, but more importantly it’s a good credit crunch look because you can nip into grannies wardrobe and ladder some old jumpers, team with tights and DMs and you’re off,” she told us over a pint of the red stuff, before we all shared a very welcomed impromptu hug, and laughed in the face of the recession.

You heard it here first people. Now go. Shop!

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One Response to Important Grunge-based fashion information!

  1. Lora says:

    Dont shed it all yet. Its going preppy for Spring 10, all smart. Honest. This is the first sensible post I have done on here…

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