Happy Birthday Macaulay Culkin, here’s Uncle Buck!

Uncle Buck, the Horror version

Little Macaulay Culkin, the wise-cracking toddler, has somehow made it to 29-years-old. That means that he’s probably fully grown by now. Rumours suggest that he might even have a deep manly voice. He’s probably covered in hair. He can drive cars. He could go and get a tatt done right now if he wanted to, and there is nothing you or anyone else could do about it. In fact, his parents could leave the country without him, and that would be fine. He’s a man. A man’s man. Hence, we thought we’d get him a gift, so we all hit the gym to pump some weights, and run on the mini conveyor belt thing, wheezing ideas, before it boiled down to a toss up between a deer’s head to put above the mantelpiece, or a trailer showing a whole new side to Uncle Buck. In the end we got him both. Happy etc…!

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