Interestment’s Top Four: Football Websites

Including much news about this man…


It fills our hearts with a warm sense of euphoria whenever we recruit a new member to the growing Interestment family, and today we doff a big hat to Norm – a funny gentleman, with a passion for sport and girls. After much tinkering and a lot of thought he decided that these are his favourite four online football related websites. He had this to say…

1. Live Football on TV


Being a red-blooded man, I like nothing more than sitting in a darkened room with my top off, baby-oiled up, watching twenty-two gentlemen rushing around, hoofing a large onion, and swearing at each other. Hence, I am at my most furious when I realise I have missed an epic contest between these handsome and humble warriors. So when I stumbled upon this site, I wept sweet (yet salty) tears of joy. It lists all the Footy available on the telly including the legendary Johnstone’s Paint Trophy and even, wait for it, Women’s Football! Whoever heard of such a thing?

2. The Spoiler

Ledley King

Gone are the days when football took 90 minutes, then stayed on the pitch – it’s now an ongoing saga, both on and off the pitch, and this is the perfect football soap opera site. It’s crammed with hush-hush news from behind the scenes about exactly what the players get up to on their days off, important Ledley King nightclubbing information (pictured), and yes, quite an array of stories regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s intriguing sexual preferences. Perfect for filling in the gaps once you’re bored to the point of hysterical violence by the sound of Alan Shearer’s brainless droning. Great stuff.

3. WAG Rankings


When the mood is right and the lights are low, I like nothing more than peering inquisitively at the female finery that the good lord has scattered on footballer’s wives and girlfriends, including the likes of Abbey Clancy (pictured). The pedants amongst you may arch an eyebrow and flair the odd nostril, wondering what this has to do with sport. But it has EVERYTHING to do with sport. These pretty young damsels keep footballers happy in the bedroom, and as the old saying goes, “a happy footballer is worth three Anelkas”.

4. Youtube


I often have moments of madness. Once I mixed together two flavours of Pot Noodle and ate it from a plate. I’m pretty wild. But crazy as that moment was, even that pales into insignificance when compared to the savagery on display here on the popular do-it-yourself television site, Youtube. Men taking leave of their senses and going proper “Croydon”: check. Over-the-top karate kicks: check. Roy Keane rearranging someone’s leg: check.

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