Interestment’s Top Four: Tarantino Moments

One very excellent film just missed out…


Critics seem to have a strange relationship with Quentin Tarantino, and his latest film, Inglorious Basterds, already looks to have split opinions right down the middle. But here in the gigantic Interestment offices which overlook a lake, we love him. He literally hasn’t made a bad film, nor has he fallen into the trap of making the same kind of movie over and over again. Jackie Brown received lukewarm reviews for not being anything like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill hardly set anyone’s trousers alight – except ours. And Death Proof was entirely panned, but, honestly, it’s an excellent film, as any fan of old exploitation/slasher movies will attest to. He’s a master of any genre he deems worthy of a toe-dip, so with that in mind, we spent hours sifting through footage to find the four scenes that wholly befit our devotion. It was a tough process…

1. Pulp Fiction, Breakfast Scene

No doubt about it, Pulp Fiction is his masterpiece, so coming up with a single scene was emotional. The Christopher Walken “watch” monologue very nearly made the cut, as did the opening diner scene, the drugs overdose, and Harvey Keitel as The Wolf. But in the end, we simply had to go with Samuel L Jackson’s finest cinematic hour, as two heavies set about scaring the hell out of some very nerdy criminals eating a fast food breakfast. WARNING: contains scripture.

2. Kill Bill, The Bride versus Crazy 88’s

A fantastic martial arts epic, Kill Bill was another with plenty of scenes to choose from, pretty much all of them extremely violent. The final fight with Bill himself – who recently died in a weird penis-related incident – just missed out, as we went for her blood-soaked frenzy against the Crazy 88 instead. It’s almost impossible to watch without whooping.

3. Death Proof, Lapdance and Crash

For those yet to see it, watch Death Proof. It’s all there – a slow build up of tension, sudden gory deaths, a magnificent car chase, Kurt Russell putting in one of his all-time great performances – which is saying a lot for the man who was in The Thing and Escape from New York. Plus this, the wonderfully hip, yet slightly creepy lapdance scene, followed by exactly what-happened-next.

4. Jackie Brown, Intro

Tarantino is the master of the title sequence, and it was a seriously close call coming up with our favourite. Reservoir Dogsslow-walk-brick-wall intro was literally pipped at the last second by the airport arrival in Jackie Brown. And for one reason only – Bobby Womack. Great song, supercool opening, the legendary Pam Grier. The film promises much, and delivers!


Reservoir Dogs Trailer

17 Responses to Interestment’s Top Four: Tarantino Moments

  1. forty-forty five says:

    can’t believe you are missing the Walken / Hopper Siciliian Liar’s scene in True Romance – written, if not directed by QT. It makes me want to smoke Chesterfields:

  2. HannahB says:

    I actually dont really like him but I LOVE that lapdance scene………

  3. HannahB says:

    Oh and ‘how sexy am I now? bit in Natural Born Killers….maybe I do like him, I love that scene…..I love that film…hmm, who knew I liked tarantino after all….

  4. HannahB says:

    did he even do natural born killers actually?

  5. forty-forty five says:

    hmmm, thinking about Tarantino films and lap dances – the scene from From Dusk til Dawn with Salma Hayek and the snake is abit special

  6. Olly says:

    True Romance has loads of brilliant stuff. Definitely should have made Top 4 Mr Interestment.

    – Agree with forty-forty five on the ‘Liar’ scene
    – The opening cinema/cafe scene
    – Sitting by the massive poster above the comic book store when he found out she’s a ‘callgirl’ scene
    – The final fight scene
    – Sex in the phone booth standing on a phone book scene
    – Brad Pitt ‘smoking a bowl’ scene
    – Patricia Arquette kicking 7 shades of crap out of James Gandolfini scene
    – Gary Oldman and the chinese dinner scene
    – Patricia Arquette giving him the ‘You’re so cool’ napkin scene

    Do you need more proof or shall I continue…

  7. josh says:

    Great comments, all of them. I discounted any film that he hadn’t directed though, as you can never be sure how much was him and how much was the director. Hence, no True Romance and no Natural Born Killers…. that was my logic.

  8. forty-forty five says:

    you are a moron Josh, a very handsome moron

  9. Olly says:

    Oh…and because it’s your website you can change the rules whenever you like eh?
    Maybe you should change the site to

    And what about Sin City? He directed that, and it had the awesome Mickey Rourke stuff in there?

  10. mustard says:

    my favouriet is that one where begbie is running and shouting about choose a washing machine and then swims out of a toilet.

  11. mustard says:

    and also inglorious barsterds is EXCELLENT especially if you hate germans

  12. josh says:

    He didn’t direct Sin City, he GUEST directed it, like a tiny little section of it – do you know which bit?… Surely there is a difference between writing a film, and writing AND directing a film? Else everyone would consider Scarface an Oliver Stone film…. which is isn’t.

  13. Olly says:

    Yes, Quentin Tarantino directed the scene involving Dwight (Clive Owen) and Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro) in the front of the car, before Dwight is pulled over by a police officer.
    For this he ws paid $1 by Rodriguez.
    In exchange, Tarantino paid Rodriguez $1 to compose the score for Kill Bill Vol. 2.

  14. josh says:

    Was it one of his Top Four scenes EVER, Olly?

  15. Olly says:


    But you’re still a moron.

  16. josh says:

    “No” – that’s right. Thank you.

  17. Olly says:

    OK. You win.
    And sorry for calling you a moron. Hugsies?

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