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Cindy Crawford

For those still craving words and opinions, we have been doing odds and ends for the fantastic grown up gossip site Hecklerspray. This week, we decided to take a microscope out of our pocket and examine some absolutely gorgeous older women, including Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, Sadie bloody Frost, and someone called The Body. Read all about that here.

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If you like laughing at things, and people telling funny jokes, then you might be interested to know that the first Interestment comedy night is taking place in South London on September 4th. It promises an excellent line up of new up-and-coming comedians upstairs, and a couple of very withered old DJs playing soul, funk and rap records downstairs. Come along! It’s only three quid or something. More about that here.

And for those massively into technology, we are looming relatively large – but not very – on Facebook and Twitter. Oh yes, and you must watch Interestment Television – much more to come on that…

2 Responses to Sexy women, Television, Comedy, Twitter!

  1. HannahB says:

    Lopez and Crawford are ‘older women?’

  2. josh says:

    Marginally HannahB, very marginally…. there might be an element of tongues in cheeks going on as well, if I’m being honest….

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