Picnic Essential: Bruschetta

Italian for “tomato on toast”


Yes, you’re absolutely right, the weather is very schizophrenic these days – almost like one of those scary people with multiple personalities. One minute, it’s screaming at you like a maniac in the middle of the road bellowing into your windscreen, as sheets of rain come sloshing down over your regulation summer-shirt-and-bermuda-shorts work outfit. The next minute it’s caressing your face like a recently satisfied lover, warm rays of golden sunshine lapping your cheeks and earlobes. Quite rightly, none of us know where we stand anymore, and it’s all thanks to those years of driving with leaded petrol as big mushroom clouds of thick black smoke wafted from your exhaust pipes solely intent on gnawing away on the rather sensitive Ozone Layer. You think it’s bad now? In less than a decade, we’ll have hail the size of watermelons closely followed by actual spitting lava from the sun. Try fitting your wardrobe around that.

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Anyway, we’re miles off the subject, as we’re here to celebrate Picnic Season – the most magnificent of the culinary movements – a time when freshly shaved groups of beautiful people can wile away entire afternoons rubbing cheese into their gums, and then rinsing their mouths out with a wonderful pink wine. We love it. And to celebrate we’ve opened up the Interestment Cook Book and selected the most simple recipes that even a brain damaged hamster could fully comprehend. Today, Bruschetta.

You will need:

1. About ten tomatoes

2. Some fresh basil

3. Three cloves of garlic

4. Olive oil

5. Salt and Pepsie

6. Ciabatta bread

7. Parmesan and Balsamic optional

Now, dice your tomatoes, making sure to get rid of all the pulp and seeds, chop up a load of basil, and crush your garlic. Now mix it all together with a splash of olive oil, plus some salt and pepsie to taste. Toast one-inch-thick slices of ciabatta, them smear your concoction over the top. For those looking for an extra hit, you could shave some parmesan over the top, or add a few drops of tasty balsamic vinegar. Bosh. Bruschetta.

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