Premier League Champions 2010 REVEALED!

Prepare the champagne!


It’s never anything less than a total and utter joy to hear from a member of the growing Interestment family, and today we welcome back Eliot – a magnificent football writer with a busy, whirring mind. He had this to say about the looming Premier League season…

The new season. All that sweat and hard labour for busy footballers who really don’t have the time for it all. The cost to supporters of nine months travel up and down the country. All those Saturday night television hours that could be put to better use with shows such as Hole in the Wall. They might as well call the whole thing off – we here at Interestment know how it will finish anyway.

League Table 2010 (in 10 words)

1. Liverpool

The best team last year will have learnt from mistakes.

2. Arsenal

Arshavin Arshavin Arshavin Arshavin. You get the idea with that.

3. Manchester United

16 single-goal wins last season. 18 goals lost to Real.

4. Chelsea

Mourinho only Premiership winner on debut. Ancelotti not as special.

5. Everton

Moyes’s twelve month audition for the Utd job. Added incentive.

6. Manchester City

How many of the newbies would start for Manchester United?

7. Aston Villa

Captain retired. Vice-captain gone too. Best chance in the cups.

8. Tottenham Hostpur

Huntelaar, Young, Vieira all targeted. Sheffield United players arrived instead.

9. Fulham

Thin squad may suffer from a lengthy Europa League run.

10. Blackburn Rovers

1.3 point average under Allardyce in 08/09. Enough for mid-table.

11. Bolton Wanderers

If Elmander settles, Bolton’s frontmen will ensure another decent season.

12. West Ham United

Defend well unlike many teams around them. Clarke’s influence critical.

13. Sunderland

Darren Bent scores goals wherever he goes. Money well spent.

14. Burnley

Strong Cup showings last season against Premiership opposition bodes well.

15. Birmingham City

Will benefit from one of the weakest Premier Leagues ever.

16. Stoke City

Second season syndrome a factor but should still have enough.

17. Wigan Athletic

Lost many good players. Martinez should just keep them up.

18. Portsmouth

Disarray defined as Portsmouth in the Oxford Dictionary. 09/10’s Toon.

19. Wolverhampton Wanderers

No Premiership experience. Experience of Premiership relegation doesn’t really count.

20. Hull City

The surprise factor well and truly departed. Down by Easter.

9 Responses to Premier League Champions 2010 REVEALED!

  1. oliver says:

    “1. Liverpool”


  2. noname says:

    If liverpool were the best team last season why did man united win the prem you idiot child

  3. Welbourne Road says:

    Accurate comment Oliver! No real insight in this list, unfortunately money worries, politics and distraction of doing something to improve poor current stadium will bear heavily on Liverpool. Big squad, star players but with no quality in depth, I forecast no higher then sixth ( even if key players remain injury free) for the binpickers.

    Man. U. fought a valiant battle before losing at Wembly to the delight of the hoards of south London chavs. This result will reflect the top next May. Chelski first, Salford manure second.

    Man city and Spurs to contest 3rd. and 4th. place.

    Sunderland 5th. Arsenal and Aston Villa battle it out for Europa spot. Birmingham relegated. COYS.

  4. Justin says:

    welbourne u retard, what a hell are u writing here? open your eyes. it will look like this
    man utd
    aston villa
    man city

  5. xabi alonso says:

    how the hell is liverpool #1 wihen they haven’t added anyone to replace Xabi? Lucas can’t replicate him. what a joke.. clearly this is written from a sad liverpool fan with dreams of grandeur.

  6. ish says:

    liverpool might finish 1st but only if they get their affairs in order, something they havent been able to do. Injuries could deplete the squad very rapidly.

    Arsenal second…hahahahahahahahahahaha no chance in hell.

    man Utd….3rd maybe but it would be a 3rd place that has very little between 1st.

    chelsea 4th? Get stuffed, only team to not lose players and actually strengthen their squad. Also first time in 3 seasons where they arent starting the season with long term injuries to key personal.

    Liverpool, manU and chelsea to fight it out for 1st place with the head to head winners of the top 4 winning the prize.

    ManCity, everton, aston villa to steal points but not crack the big 4, yet.

  7. Gary Flitcroft (yes the real gary flitcroft) says:

    Liverpool top aye? I think not young sir. United won the league last season, i fancy them again this season just because i think they will be more of a successful team unit this season. Valencia will deliver more crosses and owen, berbatov and rooney will stick them away. I believe the table will be as follows:

    1. Man Utd
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Aston Villa
    5. Arsenal
    6. Everton
    7. West Ham
    8. Man City
    9. Fulham
    10. Spurs

    with the bottom 3 being:

    18. Birmingham
    19. Hull
    20. Burnley

  8. mustard says:

    is that really the real gary flitcroft? really?

  9. ANDY says:

    i pretty much agree with your table(especially LIVERPOOL winning the league),but i don’t think arsenal can finish second,mainly bcoz their squad has depleted and doesn’t look like being reinforced as wenger is banking on his current squad.Liverpool on the other hand have signed a great player in AQUILANI,most people complain about his fitness but when he plays,he controls the game(ask any SERI A fan)as well as XABI does hence would be a great success.

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