Interestment Television: Great band enquiry

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If you need your teeth fixed, you go to the dentist, if you’ve got a cough, you go to the docs. And somewhere a little bit further down that list is something about if you want to find out about rock bands, you should go to Camden. After all, it’s the home of MTV, it’s awash with freaky-joes, gothics, zanios, and drifters. Plus, most up-and-coming bands like to hang out there, with their tight jeans and their heroin. Hence, on a mission to find out exactly what we should and should not be listening to on our walkmans, we visited armed with a mic, a film camera, and some questions. Did it shed any light on the matter? No not really.

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  1. spankywilson says:

    ‘i won’t be too popular for saying that’ – ‘noone knows you’ – classic !

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