Happy Birthday Andy Warhol, here’s Debbie Harry!

Andy Warhol paints Debbie Harry

Had he not been snaffled by the misty hand of death in 1987, Andy Warhol would be turning a very elderly 80-years-old today. No doubt he’d spend the evening slurping Campbell’s Soup through a straw, with his wispy side parting dangling over his eyes to create an air of artistic mystery. For those too young to know, he was the 1960s version of Banksy, with his crazy multi-coloured pictures of Marilyn Monroe, the aforementioned soup, and that banana he thought worthy of an art rock album cover. Other lesser known works include a great big orange and lovely red tomato. The man was a genius. Hence we decided to get him a gift, so we draped ourselves around a Hackney loft, all muttering and pretending to be a bit done in on heroin, before it boiled down to a toss up between a far out jacket, or a clip of Warhol painting Debbie Harry on an old computer. In the end we got him both. Happy Birthday Andy Warhol!

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