Slumming It: Terence Stamp

Yeah, you heard… it’s Zod!


Back in the olden days, if you happened to see a limousine coasting along the high street, you were perfectly entitled to think that it might be touring Laurence Olivier about town. Or perhaps Liza Minnelli was in there, drinking her usual champagne. They were different times. Now, of course, limousines are shunned by really famous people, instead set aside for gorgeous young drinkers in veils and L plates, excitedly leaning out of the window shouting sex instructions at anyone who would care to listen. Celebrities, meanwhile, have taken to walking the streets, meaning that we now have the opportunity to actually witness these people in real everyday life.

In the last week, a contributor to the site who we only know as Mr Knowles has been on amazing star-spotting form. “I’ve seen Keira Knightley about three times recently, I think she’s following me,” he began, sharply looking around to check she wasn’t listening in, drawing on a Silk Cut Ultra, “one time, she was with some girl who had a tiny rat dog and a guy playing Jenga – I hate Jenga.”

Mr Knowles, we all hate Jenga. It’s stupid. And he wasn’t done there, the best was yet to come. “I also saw Terence Stamp looking really pissed off.” Ahhh, Terence Stamp! We love Terence Stamp, he was General Zod!

Hence Mr Knowles wins the latest Interestment Mix Tape, featuring a little bit of funk, and quite a lot of synths.

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