Showbusiness: Mr Jade, and 90210 Girl

Man still likes women…


Society is a very strange place, awash with weirdos with a very skew-if way of looking at things. The oddest groups are the ones who take some kind of virtue from being mean to people’s faces, because at least they’re not saying it behind their backs. Now, call us a bunch of sissies, but we’d rather be hated in private, thanks. That way we can bounce around on the day-to-day, naively convinced that everyone thinks we’re brilliant. We say all this with reference to Jade Goody, who was very much a say-it-to-your-face kind of gal, and who recently died from the dreaded cancer. She was certainly a big part of this strange skew-if society, as is her widowed husband Jack Tweed, who has been infuriating showbiz desks all around the country by repeatedly getting caught out and about having the time of his life with glamour girls. A hunch suggests that he might have misheard some good advice about “getting back on the whores”, but one journalist in particular seems pleased that Jack at least had the decency to cry after banging that glamour model when he was drunk.

In other important celebrity news The Cheeky Girls are still making music, and Annalynn McCord (pictured), the star of 90210, has demonstrated that sometimes life really can imitate art by enjoying a Malibu beach party for her birthday. Needless to say, showbiz desks have been left totally agog by this.


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