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Ahhh, the blazing sun, soft sand sticking to your post-swim shorts/knickers, a bottle of cola that started cold but is now bubbling and hot – these, friends, are perfect reading conditions. In fact, we’ve probably read more books on holiday than anywhere else, but there is an enormous difference between a holiday book and any other kind of book. It needs to have just the right bounce, pace and vibe to get you through a decent sunbathe without upsetting you too much or forcing you to consider the deep moralities of life. Hence, you won’t see many topless sunbathers dipping into Last Exit to Brooklyn, or attempting to decipher James Ellroy. As youngsters we enjoyed the wonderful Sweet Valley High books on summer camping holidays, but what should we be taking with us as grown ups?

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6 Responses to Send in your beach book suggestions!

  1. mustard says:

    The holy bible, stig of the dump, post office by charles bukowski and the sun newspaper (spanish edition)

  2. josh says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Mustard, all interesting choices. Isn’t Post Office a little grim for beaches? I actually read The Beach on a beach once, although not in Thailand with a bunch of trustas….

  3. mustard says:

    Thanks Josh. It’s always to get positive feedback on a comment. Although on this occasion you’re WRONG.

  4. Salman Rushdie says:

    I believe the Satanic Verses is a great holiday read.

  5. Leo Beo says:

    The Book Thief – Zusack – wicked. You’ll laugh, cry, weep and then spunk.
    The History of Love – Krauss – laugh, a little tear, no shpunken.
    The Four Letters of Love – Williams – pure tears of spunken

  6. Dave says:

    ‘Dr Demarr’ by Paul Theroux is short enough to read before burning.

    You burning – as opposed to the book or the Coen Brothers film.

    Along the same vibe I’d also recommend ‘We can remember it for you Wholesale’ by Philip K Dick.

    Hehe. Dick.

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