Big Brother 10: Revolution!

Come on guys, anarchy yeah…


The thing about revolution is that it’s really hard work, it takes lots of planning, and lives will be lost. Witnessed at its height, revolution can be beautiful, almost like violent human ballet. Unfortunately, the recent Big Brother revolution lacked any semblance of unity, and if you’re going to make a stand against Big Brother, it should take a little bit more than Big Brother saying “housemates, stop making a stand” to dismantle the whole operation. Still, props should go to Siavash for almost making it onto the house roof before remembering that he was terrified of heights – that’s dedication.

Elsewhere in the house, Rodrigo is slowly deflating, and will surely end the series self harming and muttering about respect. He was so bubbly when it all started, but our hunch is that he’s so in love with Charlie that it’s ripping him apart. A bit like in Brokeback Mountain, but less cowboyish. Karly – almost certain to go tonight – has been disco dancing in one of those up-the-bum leotards, as Marcus peered on from underneath a blanket. Creepy stuff.

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  1. Al says:

    Get Rodrigo out, Get Rodrigo out, Get Rodrigo out, Get Rodrigo out

    And burn his clothes at the same time – that’ll show him about how to disrespect the house and belongings! Geez, I’ve had enough of that boring little fool – sad fact is that he’ll end up staying in until the end because nobody in the house will vote for him!

    As for the revolution… I love the way that BB said you can get thrown out if you don’t stop what you are doing right now and they stopped right away! Interesting to know what it would have been like in the French version of BB in that situation – the French are so much better than us at protesting.

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