Interestment’s Top Four: Current Stand Ups

Weirdly, no room for this guy…


One thing we’re in love with over at Interestment HQ is stand up comedy. In fact, we can be pretty specific about who we like and who we don’t. Carr, above, is none too popular unfortunately, mainly for failing what we call the sitting-opposite-you-at-work test. A day or so of his relentless sarcasm would be fine, but day after day after day of his bulbous eyes scrutinising your every action? He’d be dead within a week. It’s a sorry truth, Jimmy. Ideal desk mates would be the late George Carlin, a young Steve Martin, and possibly Jerry Seinfeld. All comics from the olden days. But which of today’s crop would we go for? Here’s the four that made the list…

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1. Tom Stade


We don’t know a great deal about this Tom Stade guy, aside from that whenever we’ve seen him perform, it’s been massive laughs from the gut every single damn time. He’s a Canadian gentleman who now lives over here, and apparently he once braved the violent world of Afghanistan just to give the troops something to laugh at. That makes him a giving comedian. We like that.

2. Zach Galifianakis


We’re not ashamed to board big trendy bandwagons, which is why we’re totally comfortable declaring that this man is our second favourite working comedian. By far the best thing in The Hangover, he also stars in our number one sketch show Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and he’s one heck of a stand up to boot. Plus he has a beard, and beards are good. They make you look manly yet wolf-like.

3. Stewart Lee


The only Englishman on the list, and not surprisingly, which is unfortunate. His recent TV show was enormously disappointing, mainly due to some pretty appalling sketches, straddled by the fact that stand up doesn’t always translate on television. It just didn’t work. Even so, when he gets it right, he’s probably one of the best around, so he walked into our top four. Absolutely walked it. We also quite like his friend Herring. Just not as much.

4. David Cross


Fans of the brilliant Arrested Development – officially our second favourite US sitcom – will know this guy as Tobias. He’s fantastic in the show, and possibly even better as a live stand up. And even though he can be a little right-on liberal at times, we totally forgive him… mainly because we can be a bit right on liberal an’ all from time to time! Result! A fine comic indeed, he just keeps Demetri Martin off the list.

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