Picnic Essential: Greek Salad

Possibly the greatest salad…


We’re now at the stage of the mid-year months known in the business as Assumed Summer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot any more, men will be wearing shorts as often as possible, women will have at least four bikinis in grabbing distance at all times, and weekend picnics will go ahead, regardless of the angry sheets of rain pounding down onto the local park. As Brits, we will grit our teeth, we will have this Summer, we will see Picnic Season right through to the agreed end, which is in early September. And this is great news, because when it comes to annual culinary movements, Picnic Season is our favourite by a long way. It’s even better than Hot Spicy Wine Fortnight. Hence, to celebrate, we’ve flung open the Interestment Cook Book and plucked out recipes so simple that even your dog would understand them. Today, tasty Greek Salad

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Of all of the many fine salads, Greek might be the best, thanks to the sensual mix of soft cheese with tangy olives, the bite of onion, and the sweet acidity of red wine vinegar. It’s a total delight. You will need:

1. Some feta cheese.

2. Your favourite olives, black ones preferably.

3. A red onion.

4. Some little tomatoes.

5. A cucumber.

6. A COS lettuce.

7. Olive oil.

8. Red Wine Vinegar.

Now chop up your lettuce, your tomatoes, your cheese, your cucumber, your onion, then throw it all into a massive bowl, and mix it around, adding the olives. Add a nice glug of olive oil, about two or three tablespoons of red wine vinegar, salt and pepsie, and bosh. Greek Salad.

4 Responses to Picnic Essential: Greek Salad

  1. mustard says:

    YOU NUMPTY INTERESTMENT – where the HECK the oregano? and where the DICKENS is the cucumber?

    You’ve really dropped the ball this time I’m afraid.

  2. josh says:

    um, there is cucumber Mustard. Oregano doesn’t make it because it’s not very nice…

  3. mustard says:

    Oregano is the essential ingredient in a “Greek salad”

    This is at best a humble “cheese salad”, and at worse a revolting “Bulgarian Salad”

    The cucumber was a trick question.

  4. Spencer says:

    Squeeze of lemon too. Trust me.

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