Slumming It: Helen Adams

You know – Helen Adams…


With all of the reality television shows hitting screens every year, Fame Mountain has become overcrowded – so much so, that numerous celebrities have been forced to mingle in amongst the little people, with only a set of enormous sunglasses and caps pulled right down at the front marking them out as REALLY FAMOUS. We just love it when we spot these people. Absolutely love it.

Just last week, friend of the site Spencer was enjoying a quiet drink in a lovely Bristol pub, when he was left utterly bewildered by the arrival of Helen Adams. You know – the girl who lost out to the Irish gay man on Big Brother 1962. “I couldn’t stop staring at her,” he confessed, “even the beautiful view overlooking Clifton Suspension Bridge couldn’t divert my, nor my mother’s, gaze.”

Well done Spencer, you win the latest Interestment Mix Tape, which features excellent summer music.

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