Picnic Essential: Strawberries

The ultimate picnic pudding…


Well, it appears that we have finally achieved the unthinkable, and actually have European weather conditions, so presumably in a year or so scores of Spaniards will be coming over in droves to get sangria’d up and play pass the cucumber in front of a shell-shocked seaside town audience. Then the espadrille will be firmly on the other foot. But, until then, we can still find quiet nooks of greenery on which to enjoy a seasonal picnic away from sex-mad tourists, or – worse still – the hoards of uncouth barbecuers, with their dripping wet meats and lurching games of hoof the ball into a group of sunbathers. Hence we’ve flung open the Interestment Cook Book and plucked out some of the most magnificent picnic recipes imaginable. Today, strawberries.

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You will need:

1. Some strawberries.

2. Some single cream.

3. Some sugar.

This one is actually a no brainer, just plop your strawbs into a plastic bowl, splat on some cream, wallop some sugar in there, and bosh. Lovely strawberries.

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