Wimbledon Watch: Week Two

Will one of these women win it, by any chance?


It’s always with a warm breeze of joy that we hear from another member of the growing Interestment family, and today Rory – a totally brilliant writer – returns to continue his great tennis-based observations…

Ahoy racquet pals, week two of Wimbledon is thundering towards us like a colossal Federer forehand.

As far as the ladies’ draw goes, Interestment expects only a small prize for predicting that the likelihood of someone without Williams for a surname winning is extremely remote. In fact, should either Serena or Venus not win, we will sit down and eat our old, splintery wooden racquet.

The men’s draw is a little more tasty. Monday sees the two fancied contenders in action – first Federer, then Murray.


With temperatures soaring, we can’t help wondering whether Fed will opt for the full jacket ensemble or just the waistcoat. His timing being what it is, that choice of tailoring is starting to look more and more like a perfectly-executed Jacko tribute, isn’t it? Sadly, probably no glove or chimpanzee (pictured), but you can’t have it all.

A quick mention for Federer’s beaten third round German opponent, Philipp Kohlschreiber. If you’re anything like us here at Interestment, you’ll be the type of person who is easily diverted by a comedy Tuetonic accent. If so then you’re in for a treat. Make sure the audio on your computer is on, and have a look at his official website. Be sure to hover over the mouse links.


As for Murray, today he’ll be facing Stanislas Wawrinka, and he’ll be taking into the match the best wishes of legendary compatriot, Sean Connery. The laconic Scotsman dealt with the big-up in typically downbeat fashion. He Twittered thus: “Had a phone call from sean connery-he called to say well done yesterday. Much nicer than someone trying to sell you a phone upgrade.”

Andy can thank him in person today, as the elderly statesman will be there to cheer on Muzzle all the way. All of which sets us up perfectly for a little topical joke to wow your colleagues and friends with:

Q What time is Sean Connery expected at Wimbledon today?
A Tennish

You can have that one for free.

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