Picnic Essential: Salad Dressing

Make this stuff less boring…


It’s arrived, people. That weather we’ve all been dreaming of. After years of secretly spraying cans of hairspray at the moon, we’ve obliterated the Ozone Layer, and now it’s pretty much set to be hot all year round. Except for a couple of weeks every April when icebergs will crash into parts of Wales and areas of Cambridge will literally disappear underneath gallons of rain. Scotland will feel no change. Poor Scotland. But great for the rest of us. Well done. It also means that picnic season will go on and on and on in future years, so it’s enormously important that you learn the correct cold meats and salads to drop lazily into your mouth while the sun drains every last fluid ounce of energy from your sticky, sensual body.

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Today, we’ve flung open the Interestment Cook Book, and come up with a simple and delicious salad dressing recipe to spruce up boring lettuce leaves and tiny little vine tomatoes.

You will need…

1. Some nice Olive Oil, probably the virgin stuff.

2. A jar of delicious clear honey. Not the cloudy stuff.

3. A couple of lemons.

4. Some wholegrain mustard

5. Salt and pepsie.

Now, if it’s a big picnic, you’ll need a lot of this stuff, so throw about ten tablespoons of olive oil into a bowl, then add five tablespoons of lemon juice, a couple of tablespoons of honey, a dollop of mustard, some salt and pep, and bosh. Dressing. Done.

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