Slumming It: David and Carrie Grant

You know, from Fame Academy


Thanks to reality television programmes, we now have more celebrities in our lives than ever before. Think about it – a year ago would you feel the same sexy stirrings about Susan Boyle? When he was just another angel-voiced Scottish guy trawling the pub circuit? No you wouldn’t. And would you have been strongly attracted to Angel from Big Brother? No, you’d have made unkind jokes about her looking a bit like Christian Bale in The Machinist. Yet, now, you’d crawl betwixt their silky bedsheets in a heart beat were they to lay there naked, beckoning you in. They are, after all, famous. And we love famous people.

Talking of which, just the other day, friend of the site Emily got in touch with some excellent celebrity spots. “On the same glorious day I saw not just Fame Academy voice coaches Mr and Mrs Carrie and David Grant, but also Sir Trevor McDonald AND Vanessa Feltz sitting outside the Charlotte Street Hotel – Feltz was enjoying a white wine spritzer and some chilli nuts,” she told us, coincidentally enjoying a wine/soda combo of her own. Great spots Emily, the latest Interestment Mix Tape (featuring THIS) is yours.

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One Response to Slumming It: David and Carrie Grant

  1. Mark says:

    The only thing I can say is Carrie is one very sexy lady and he is a lucky man

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