Showbusiness: Sexy Wimbledon and Mel B

Tennis player, or sex kitten, Mr Stich?


Ask any gentleman fan of women’s tennis about the appeal of the game, and he will tell you that he prefers watching the ladies half of the competition because the games are harder to call and it’s more of a level playing field. He’ll remind you that Federer and Sampras have rendered the men’s draw damn near pointless, with their superior power play, and knack of winning year after year. All great points, very valid, but you might have noticed that the man blushed so hard when you asked him the question that little beads of sweat actually zoomed down his face and dripped from his nose throughout his very well balanced, lucid argument. You might also have noticed that when you listed players like Sharapova, Ivanovic and, from the past, Kournikova, he let out a small moan and crossed his legs. After three minutes of quizzing, he abruptly asked you to leave the room for eight minutes. It’s because he is most likely from the Michael Stich school of Wimbledon opinion. Just yesterday the former men’s champ left the sport world rocked with claims that the Wimbledon ladies are just there “to sell sex”. “They pay attention to their looks and everything,” he told a startled reporter, who could not believe what he was hearing. Which of these prostitutes he fancies to win, we’re not entirely sure. The above picture is Maria Kirilenko, by the way. She isn’t a hooker.

Elsewhere in the world of small clothes, Jordan has been continuing her quest to find sanctuary away from Peter Andre’s throbbing pecs. She’s in Ibiza. And Mel B enjoyed a birthday party in Vegas wearing just a very small bikini. As previously reported, the celebrity world is still stunned into silent awe at the state of her muscular stomach. She appears to be reveling in the aging process, reveals one celebrity journalist in particular.


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