Interestment’s Top Four: Curries

Some popular ones didn’t make it…


Hey man, here’s a fact for you – curries are delicious. Seriously, they are. Once only used as punishment threats if a child was refusing to finish his sausage and chips, or a drunken challenge for groups of guys in shirts who just drank fourteen strong lagers and managed to successfully woo precisely no women, they are now the nation’s favourite. Even old women eat them during tea dances. Here at Interestment, we’d eat a curry every day if we could. Hence, we thought it high time to list the four most magnificent treats to compliment our plain naan, pilau rice, poppadoms, followed by pistachio ice cream…

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1. Chicken Jalfrezi


The undisputed king of curries, this one packs a little bit of a punch, because it’s made using small handfuls of tasty green chillies. It’s a tomato based treat, which works well with a gentle sprinkle of coriander as a garnish. Washed down with a conveyor belt of Carlsbergs, this would be our Death Row meal.

2. Lamb Rogan Josh


Described as an aromatic curry, this one smells so fantastic that the minute your nostrils come into contact with it, your mouth starts creating so much saliva that you might need to run to the toilets just to gush it all out. Absolutely horrific mental images aside, it’s the best of the lamb options, marginally nudging out a molten red Lamb Madras.

3. Chicken Dopiaza


Choosing a second chicken option was something of an ordeal. Korma is far too sickly sweet and lacks the necessary kick, while Chicken Tikka Masala came very close. A decent Dopiaza just edges it though, for sheer scoffability. Scooped up in handfuls of soft naan bread, it’s a heavenly curry, and Dopiaza means “two onions”, fact fans.

4. Aloo Gobi


When it comes to curry, our vegetarian brothers and sisters have it pretty good. In fact, often when people return from India with their rediscovered souls and silly dreadlocks, they will tell you that the vegetable curries are often the best. They’re wrong, of course, but not completely wrong. This one keeps Saag Aloo off the top four, thanks to a tasty blend of potatoes and cauliflowers and yummy spices.

2 Responses to Interestment’s Top Four: Curries

  1. forty-forty five says:

    Madras is king to my stomach – has to be Lamb for any curry…

    Plain Naan – are you mental? Peshwari and Keema AND garlic are all a better choice

    i also requre some Shilpas, Mango Chutney, Lime Pickle, Palau Rice, Pistash ice cream and four of those Brazilian Brahma beers…

    I am salivating at 09.50

  2. James says:

    One for posh curry fans everywhere: Tandoori Lobster Masala. If you haven’t tried it, drop whatever you’re doing – yes, that includes you, brain surgeons and bomb disposal experts – and order one today. If your local curry house doesn’t do it, move. The only thing you need to be aware of is that it’s customary to wear a dinner jacket when eating it, even if it is a takeaway. It’s lobster, you chav.

    Lobster Jalfrezi is good, but it’s slightly too hot to appreciate the subtlety of the meat, so better with more ordinary king prawns, although your option with chicken is cracking too.

    I recently moved from an area which offered Tandoori Lobster Masala, to an area which doesn’t. I am bereft, and get strange looks when I turn up at our local Indian in a tux.

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