Football Window Watch: Chelsea

Not this kind of window, silly, the Transfer Window!


As ever, it’s with total glee that we welcome the words of Eliot – an excellent sharp minded football writer – to the Interestment fold. Today he’s talking about Chelsea…

What they need

Had Petr Cech played the entire season in a mask (to match his helmet) with a different name on the back of his shirt, general opinion would be that Chelsea’s new keeper had produced a decent debut season. Yet Cech was the best goalkeeper in the world before he had his head punctured, and as such, is judged to higher standards. Nagging doubts persist and Ancelotti’s first task could be to find a new numero uno.

Who they don’t need


With Deco on the way out, that still leaves Michael Ballack collecting money for jam, and whose most energetic performance of the season was conserved for harrassing a referee. Ballack at Chelsea remains the opposite of irreplaceable.

Don’t mention

Man City. In the good old days, they used to close the sweet shop to the general public when Roman entered. Abramovic could pick and choose players as he wished. Yet a new man has since moved in, wealtheir than Roman, and Chelsea are now left with the baffling proposition, that they can only sign those players who Manchester City don’t fancy,

Inevitably linked with


Ageing Italians. David Beckham (from December onwards). International superstars (not good enough for Man City.)

Any other business

With Ronaldo gone, the stiff contest for Premier League‘s leading irritating foreigners will be led by Didier Drogba. His last major contribution of the season was a classic header in the Cup Final, his contribution before that however was the flip-flop tantrum versus Barca. Its the former that makes Blues fans put up with the latter – his first three months may set the tone for the entire Ancelotti era.

4 Responses to Football Window Watch: Chelsea

  1. Liam says:

    You haven’t done your research properly.You made a bad mistake about Ballack not being energetic.In every
    match Ballack played last season, he covered more distance than any other player during each game.This
    just shows how much you know about football.As Rafa said look at the facts.

  2. mustard says:

    ELLIOT – why have you not looked up the stats on how much ground was covered by Ballack last season? I’m disappointed AND confused? And hurt. And LIAM – where do you find this kind of wonderful information. I’m very keen to know how much ground Ballack covered? Was it 100 miles? I think Lampard probably covered about 98 miles.

  3. derkhead says:

    nah ballacks ok, what we need is another striker for starters. pato or aguero would have been ideal but we’ll prob end up with sturridge, jeez. also a creative midefield player a la joe cole esque. zhirkov fella looks ok-ish but ribery would be ideal, even though he is one of the most over-rated players on the planet at the minute. oh yeah, if bosingwas on his way out, glen johnson to cover him. also if carvalho & deco leaves, would possibly need another centre back. no replacement for deco needed.

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