Important news about dogs and bands…

OMG, what is that?


What do you get if you cross a leopard with a dog? A leopard dog. Apologies if you were expecting a joke there. We can see how it probably read like the set up to a great punch line. But no. Above is a picture sent into the site by a young lady called Charlie, who simply could not believe her eyes. “It’s a dog, but with leopard skin!” she yelled down the speaker phone, enraptured. And we’re with Charlie on this one, it’s amazing. A bit like if there was a horse made of silk, or a cat with golden whiskers. Excellent spot Charlie. Excellent spot.

In other dog news, an important member of the Interestment family has just ghost written a book about a boy and his amazing puppy – A Puppy Called Aero, it’s called. It’s available in bookshops from today, and if you want to buy it as a present for a favourite auntie or a hilarious shopkeeper, simply click the button below…

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Moving on from dogs, great friends of the site – known only as Dayward – have been busy crafting some intriguing electronic music over in the West Country. Below are some of the results of their magical experiments…

Dayward, Stop! Amber! Go!

Dayward, I think I saw you today for a reason

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